Mile Guitars and musical instruments are made in İstanbul, Turkey.

Mile has a 2 different meanings in native; marble ball and hailstone.

Luthier Fatih YILMAZ has started his journey becoming a musician in 1997 and begin making instruments in 2003 at local workshops. He started to study at Istanbul Technical University (Goverment concervatory of Turkey – for Stringed Instrument making) in 2006, Manufacturing and product design at 2014. Worked with many educated hands; Yücel Açın (Luthier-instructor in ITU cons), Ecevit Tunalı (Luthier-and violin restorator) in Turkey-istanbul and still working and collaborating with many luthiers. As our business grew Ahmet Onur Çakmak has joined the team in 2018. Our phillosophy is begin with no competition, artist must be competition with himself / be kind, be gentle thats all.

Our instruments mostly made by hand, all process finished at hand but raw cuts, shapings and precision cutting process are made by computer controlled machines for good results.

Our target is to combine handpicked woods and materials with high level craftmanship for making instruments that have a soul.

Mile guitar team, creating and making guitars since 2004.

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